Are you the only vegan you know in real life?

Let’s change that.

Veganova is all about building a nurturing community filled with vegan(minded) people. Yet, people often don’t know any other vegans other than those online. That’s why we’re doing ‘Vegan Social Club’. At these events we want to invite you to come and meet, talk to, or just wave at other (soon to be) vegans.

Hesitant of coming alone? No worries, if you’d like, we’ll assign a designated person to you and we’ll offer some talking points on the journey of going/being/staying vegan. The emphasis is on ‘if you’d like’, no obligations, no strings attached. Vegan Social Club is a safe space for vegans, to meet new people, have a chat and probably swap food pics.

This time we’re getting together at The Kind Coconut in Mechelen!

We hope to see you then!

Check out the Facebook event and let us know if we'll meet you there!

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