Get ready for Belgium's first vegan tour

Seriously... ever!

The city of Leuven has a lot to offer vegans! That’s why Veganova kicks off its Vegan Tour in this beautiful city. 

How do you Tour? Grab a card and collect a token in Loving Hut, Noordoever, T&Ko and Life Bar. Offer the card to the waiter when you’re paying for your meal, you’ll get a stamp on the card and off you go to the next! 

Don’t know where Loving Hut, Noordoever, T&Ko and Life Bar are? Scan the QR on the card and our map will help you out. You’re welcome!

Collected all the tokes? Hand in the card at the last place you visit and you’ll receive a code. Enter the code by clicking on the ‘Claim your prize‘ button below and our super smart bot will tell you where to collect your prize. 

Can you handle more? Check this out: if you tag and follow on Instagram and use #vegantourleuven in your Tour pictures (bonus points for food pics and restaurant logo!) maybe you’ll win a stay in the beautiful vegan B&B ‘AM/PM’ in Bruges. We’re also giving away cookbooks and goodies.

Claim your prize! Click for the terms & conditions

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